When the Warwick Valley Central School District either closes school, or delays opening school because of inclement weather, the Library automatically delays opening until 11:00am.  All weather-related Library closings - including when school is not in session - are decided case-by-case, authorized by the Board of Trustees.  Delays and closings are announced on the website, on the Library's answering machine and if possible, also posted at the Library.  Items due on a day when the Library is closed for inclement weather will not accrue fines for that day.

(Policy approved by the Board of Trustees, 10/21/03)

Policy on Other Closings
Occasionally, the Library may close for operational or safety reasons, or for periodic staff training.  Such closings will be authorized by the Board of Trustees and posted at the Library and on its website as far in advance as possible.  See also the Library's scheduled closings