The Library is delighted to welcome groups created around a particular interest or hobby.  These groups are ongoing, non-instructional, free and open to the public without registration.  Following are the groups which meet regularly at the Library; new members are welcome to join at any time:

a)  Mah-Jongg:  meets Tuesday mornings on the lower level.
b)  Stitchers & Knitters:  two groups - one on Thursday mornings, the other on Thursday evenings - both in the Board Room.
c)  Library Prose Writer's Group:  meets on Wednesday afternoons in the Board Room; focuses primarily on fiction and memoir.
d)  Adult/Teen Chess:  meets on Wednesday evenings in the Board Room.
e)   Book Discussion Groups:

  •     Science Book Group:  meets the 3rd Monday of the month
  •     Non-Fiction Book Group:  meets the 1st Tuesday of the month
  •     Sustainable World Book Group:  meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month
  •     Tuesday Evening Book Group:  meets the 1st Tuesday of the month
  •     Thursday Morning Book Group:  meets the last Thursday of the month
  •     Eclectic Book Group (reads a variety of genres):  meeting dates set @ each meeting
  •     Mystery Book Group:  meets the 4th Friday of the month

Some activities, like the stitching groups, can accomodate any number of people.  Others, such as mahjongg, require a specific number of participants.  If you are interested in joining a group, please inquire first at the Help Desk (986-1047, ext. 3.)  We will try to connect you with a group suitable for you.  Likewise, we will be happy to assist you in organizing a completely new activity group, if it can be accommodated at the Library; for this, please call Kathleen Georgalas at the Library at (845) 986-1047, ext. 5 to discuss.